Quality guarantee

Quality guarantee

SIEX’s full commitment to quality is integral and applies to all phases of the production process: 



The first step to guarantee the quality of products and services is to ensure a good quality source. SIEX carries out a careful selection of its input materials to ensure top quality, meeting the market’s most stringent quality standards. Our business excellence standards encompass not only the material resources but, above all, our people. SIEX’s underlying motto is that the people make the company. Personal development can correspond to the contribution to the achievement of business objectives.  



During the transformation process, stringent quality controls are followed to ensure that 100% of the equipment and systems supplied by SIEX are working properly. 



The result is a high-quality product that meets all legal requirements and customer specifications. 



SIEX offers its support after delivery, providing technical expertise during installation, commissioning and comprehensive maintenance of its protection systems. We identify opportunities for improvement from the installation itself and its environment and customer suggestions.