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Flexible Hose Detection

Flexible Hose Detection

SIEX Flexible Hose is a detection and extinguishment system for small spaces which, when installed in the fixed system, allows for standalone operation, requiring no external power.


It consists of a flexible detection and discharge tube attached to a cylinder of extinguishing agent. The tube is pressurized internally by the pressure of the extinguishing agent itself. It ruptures at a set temperature, creating a hole in the discharge tube and acting like a nozzle, spraying extinguishing agent over the exact spot where the flame occurs. It therefore detects and extinguishes the fire in its early stages with highly satisfactory results.


The composition of the tube makes it suitable for use in dirty, humid and greasy environments. There are two types of action depending on SIEX pipe installation: direct extinguishing (detection and discharge) and indirect extinguishing (only detection in larger hazards).



Product Data
  • Working at low or high pressure.
  • Installable in both clean agent and dry chemical systems.
  • Suitable for hazards in small, confined spaces.
  • The system is fully standalone and needs no electrical or mechanical activation devices.
  • Ideal for use in environments with dirt, humidity, grease, etc.
  • Electrical panels
  • Transport vehicles
  • Industrial kitchens
  • ATMs
  • Machinery
  • Etc
Brochure - SIEX Flexible Hose Detection - Fixed extinguishing system with flexible hose detection