SIEX™ IND-TH Manual hose trailer

SIEX™ IND-TH Manual hose trailer

There are many applications in which dry chemical agents are most appropriate against fire as a means of manual protection. Due to the nature of the hazard itself, its size or where the equipment cannot have a fixed location, on-site tanks, portable fire extinguishers or automatic fixed systems will be needed.

Dry chemical trailers are our company’s response to this demand for fire protection. These appliances add the advantage of mobility to the great autonomy of dry chemical tanks, as they are mounted on a towable trailer. Speed of action against a fire is a critical factor and our equipment can be moved swiftly and even at high speed over long distance, avoiding obstacles or overcoming uneven ground.

So they can be placed in strategic locations on the premises (the most accessible points or closest to hazards) and, thanks to their ease of transport and large capacity, they are then moved to the affected point, where they give long, effective action.

SIEX™ IND-TH portable, hand hoseline, dry chemical trailers have been developed for use in fires larger than those normally covered by hand carts and portable fire extinguishers. Their increased capacity and autonomy allow sustained and flexible action in special hazards.

In short, they are suitable for use in all those hazards requiring a protection system with large capacity, autonomy, flexibility and ease of movement to the seat of the fire in extensive locations.


Liquid fuel storage areas

Liquid fuel supply areas

Chemical plants

Refineries, oil & gas

Petrochemical industry

Loading bays and airports

Marine and offshore

Logistics centres, warehouses, loading areas

Industrial plants     

Fire stations

Military bases


Buildings under construction


Product Data
  • High availability
  • Easy to use
  • Warranty and durability of the equipment
  • Extremely safe
  • Great autonomy
  • Constant, optimal gas flow
  • Local and geographic availability
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