SIEX™ IND-SH Hand Hose Skid

SIEX™ IND-SH Hand Hose Skid

There are numerous hazards where the use of dry chemical is the best option for firefighting, and where the use of portable fire extinguishers or automatic fixed systems are not ideal or insufficient for optimum fire protection.

If a significant quantity of extinguishing agent is required and application needs to be manual or can be variable, SIEX™ IND-SH fixed, hand hoseline, dry chemical extinguishing systems are the best option.

The system consists of a cylinder or tank of agent and adjacent nitrogen cylinder(s). The system may be fixed or relocatable if pre-mounted on a base plate. Application using manual hose reels and a special nozzle enables you to attack the seat of the fire with the necessary intensity and duration, providing sufficient release depending on the need.

Developed and manufactured entirely by SIEX, they provide our customers with the best solution for manual fighting of large fires, with great autonomy and flexibility in design and installation. With the widest range of capabilities and great effectiveness, they are versatile in fighting virtually any fire.

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Industrial plants, factories
  • Storage of liquid fuels:
  • Hangars, fuel tanks, transfer areas
  • Gas treatment, regasification
  • Ports, airports, heliports
  • Logistics centers and warehouses
  • Refineries
  • Military applications 
  • Marine and offshore
  • Etc.
Product Data
  • Easily positionable
  • Extraordinary storage capacity
  • Great autonomy
  • Total flexibility of the system
  • Constant, optimal gas flow
  • Protection of multiple hazards
  • Maximum range radius
  • Ease of maintenance
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