SIEX™ IND-PB Paint Booths

SIEX™ IND-PB Paint Booths

SIEX IND-PB is specifically designed for protecting paint booths, including those over 7 meters high. The most effective agent for these applications is ammonium phosphate, designed both for suppressing and preventing the re-ignition of Class A (wood, paper, etc.), Class B (flammable liquids) and Class C (electrical) fires.


It is therefore ideal for the protection of paint booths, since all of these fire classes may occur in this type of industrial application. SIEX-IND allows use in paint spray booths with different configurations:

Total Flooding: For small booths, when ensuring that the openings of the enclosure do not exceed 5% of its surface area.

Local application: Used in enclosures with too many openings or which are too large for total flooding protection to be viable. This configuration is used to discharge the agent directly onto the affected area. As a novelty, SIEX allows for application in open-front paint booths, where there is no wall on one of the sides.


This is achieved by using the screening nozzle, which allows for the protection of this opening. SIEX IND-PC consists basically of a cylinder containing pressurized extinguishing agent, pipe work, nozzles, detectors and a control panel. It can be installed with a mechanical or electrical control panel, depending on clients’ needs. The agent cylinder is pressurized to 25 bar. 


Product Data
  • No damage to equipment.
  • Fits any type of cabin.
  • Allows various detection systems
SIEX™ IND-PB for Paint Booths