INERT-SIEX™ 55 is one of the most popular fire extinguishing systems due to the extinguishing efficiency of its mixture of agents. It is suitable for protecting hazards when there may be people in the enclosure at the time of fire. It enables a safe evacuation, both in terms of the level of oxygen in the room and the visibility required for the evacuation of personnel, as well as ensuring the absence of chemicals in the discharge.


This agent reduces the oxygen concentration to extinguish the fire, but to a percentage suitable for occupied areas. The 50-50 mixture of Argon and Nitrogen allows the perfect distribution of the agent in the room for effective extinguishment.


It is highly recommended for class A, B and C hazards. The system operates by total flooding of the room, ensuring complete discharge in less than 1 minute.


SIEX has two variants depending on the storage pressure: INERT-SIEX™ 55 at 200 bar and INERT-SIEX™ 55 at 300 bar; this makes it possible to adapt the quantity of extinguishing agent required, to the storage space available for the cylinders. The system is optimized for the worst case conditions, all components are certified to ensure the strictest performance. These are necessary for the storage, detection, release and discharge of the agent at the right moment.

About IG 55 extinguishing agent


The extinguishing agent is a 50% mixture of ARGON and 50% mixture of NITROGEN gases. These substances are found in the atmosphere and are therefore completely ecological and environmentally harmless. The firefighting efficiency of both substances has been proven separately. When combined, we retain the properties of these agents, varying the gas flow through the area being protected.


The mixture of agents enables the balance of air density and, therefore, equal weights of these agents will be homogeneously mixed to protect the enclosure. The mixture of these agents retains their individual properties: They are colorless, odorless and tasteless. They leave no residue after discharge, are chemically neutral and therefore do not react with substances present in the room. Its mechanism of extinguishment of a fire is due to a reduction of the oxygen concentration in the hazard area to below the limits required for combustion, making it safe for use in occupied areas because it maintains the levels needed for the safety of people. In most cases, fires are extinguished when the oxygen concentration decreases from 21% to 14%.

Product Data
  • Easy to obtain anywhere in the world.
  • Very low cost refills.
  • Allows for longer pipe runs.
  • Excellent post-discharge visibility.
  • Cost-effective selector valves
  • Suitable for occupied areas.
  • Zero depletion of the ozone layer and no greenhouse effect.
  • FM, UL and VdS certification. 
  • Stations and airports
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Computer Rooms
  • Gas installations
  • Offshore platforms
  • Hospitals
  • Wind turbines
  • Petrochemical installations
  • Laboratories
  • Electrical cabinets and substations
  • Archives and libraries
  • Educational institutions
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Offices
  • Residential buildings
  • Etc.
Silencers for Data Centres

Data centres include increasingly sensitive devices, especially to noise. High frequencies combined with sound pressures of over 110dB may affect the operation of their hard drives and cause permanent damage. It is essential that the fire protection system avoids damage not caused by the fire, but generated collaterally by the noise of the discharge.

SIEX SALC silencers reduce noise to below 90 dB in the most adverse case, far below the 120 dB of a free discharge and the 100 dB available on the market. It also allows for installation both in new projects and existing. They offer maximum benefits in use with inert gases (60 second discharges) and are compatible both with falling pressure technology (with restrictor) and with the new Constant Flow Technology (flow rate control in the DR valve).

Silent Nozzles for Data Centres