CO₂ Fixed Stations

CO₂ Fixed Stations
CO₂ Fixed Stations

In order to meet demanding and growing fire protection needs, SIEX has developed a new fixed CO₂ unit for local application. This equipment is used on delicate or critical hazards where a clean extinguishing agent is desired to extinguish or control the fire.


It is composed of two 67 liter bottles of CO₂, equivalent to 20 hand-held 5kg extinguishers. Fixed CO₂ suppression stations are manually applied through a nozzle with a retaining trigger which allows the agent to flow and can be switched on and off with very little effort.


The heavy-duty reel can be swung outward, which makes it much easier to unroll the hose and quickly reach the hazard area. Operation is very simple and similar to a fitted hose station. SIEX also manufactures mobile wheeled CO₂ units for manual application. These stations can be moved across the hazard, thus covering the area with great ease. 


  • Transformer centers.
  • Rotating printing machinery.
  • Flammable liquid storage areas.
  • Airports.
  • Heavy vehicle garages.
  • Electrical generators.
  • Electrical cabinets and sub-stations.
Product Data
  • Swing-out reel for easy handling and hose roll-out.
  • Compact, heavy duty equipment.
  • CO₂ does not conduct electricity.
  • Available worldwide.
  • Low cost extinguishing agent.
  • Clean, with no residue.
  • Harmless to the ozone layer
SIEX-CO₂ Fixed Stations with Reel and Hose - Brochure