Wind Generators

Wind Generators

Turbines require complex installations and high investments whose profitability depends on a long and constant production cycle. In this sense, protection of equipment is of great importance in insuring both the investment and the power supply over its lifetime.


Most of the components are concentrated in the nacelle: generator, hydraulic systems, brakes, etc., and this is biggest hazard to be protected. A fire can result in its total loss. In addition, the cost of repair or replacement increases with the installed capacity. The problem stems from the large accumulation of technical and electrical equipment and combustible material, together with difficult or zero accessibility in case of accident.


The remote location delays activation and limits actions to controlling the perimeter and preventing the fire from spreading (consequently leading to environmental damage). Although fire protection should begin by reducing risk factors affecting the installation as far as possible (use of ignition-resistant materials, protections such as a lightning rods, maintenance systemization, etc.), the threat of accidental fire can never be eliminated. Therefore a firefighting system is necessary.


Selecting the right SYSTEM depends on analyzing suitability regarding:

  • Effectiveness and application time.
  • Quantity Required: volume, weight.
  • Storage and distribution.
  • Maintenance and reliability (intervals between inspections)
  • Other special factors relevant to the particular hazard.


Basically, the extinguishing system focuses on three sectors: nacelle, base and intermediate levels of the mast. Each option has features which make it more appropriate in some circumstances than in others, or suffers from application limitations which need to be borne in mind.

Wind Generators Protection