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Turbines and Generators

Turbines and Generators

Protecting these very expensive devices with effective fire protection measures is critical. An uncontrolled fire has serious consequences, not only for its economic value but also in terms of shutdowns in production. 


The protection of this hazard or the room where it is located is a complex issue to be studied carefully because of the diversity of existing turbines with very different characteristics. The wide range of sizes and operating circumstances pose very different protection challenges. 


Fire hot spots vary depending on the type of turbine in question (gas, steam, water, etc.). First, the potential fire hot spots should be identified in order to choose the most appropriate extinguishing system. This is why under certain circumstances we will protect the cooling oil tank, at other times the interior of the chimney through which gases generated are vented or key turbine parts, and in some cases the entire turbine, flooding the entire room housing it. 




Turbines Protection