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Machine Tools

Machine Tools

In this hazard we include machines as varied as lathes, drill presses, milling machines, polishers, grinders, brushes, saws, preses and CNC machines. New-generation machines include the EDM machine which is used in the manufacturing process for electric discharge machining. Powered by an electric arc between the part and the electrode. These machines require lubrication and cooling circuits to run correctly and avoid overheating.


It is especially important to apply a water- and oil-based coolant fluid in the friction areas between the workpiece and the tool. The remains of this fluid should be collected and treated as hazardous waste.


Protection is installed in most cases inside the machinery. The automatic fire extinguishing system controls any accident caused by sparks, leaks or spills. The automatic fire extinguishing system protects the various parts such as mechanical and hydraulic lines and motors via properly placed nozzles to cover all risk areas. All these machines have a high economic value and a shutdown due to a fault results in a heavy economic loss, so it is important to take all necessary safety measures to prevent faults and accidents that may affect the operators who control them.


Machine Tools Protection