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Data processing centres (DPCs) are strategic points in any organization. In them is stored all the information, one of the greatest assets of any company. 


In case of fire, losses are measured not only by the material value of the equipment, but the problem is significantly greater when the chain reaction that occurs is taken into account: loss of stored information, often irrecoverable; expenses derived from loss of productive time where normal business is impossible due to data unavailability; and even losses incurred as a result of time spent on reacquiring lost information.


There are two aspects of this protection to consider: 

  • Protection of equipment and the information it contains. 
  • Protection of any people that may be on the premises
General considerations
  • Total flooding extinction 
  • Ability to accommodate staff 
  • Possibility of backup systems depending on protocol 
  • Ability to protect several independent spaces
Risk Factors
  • False floors and ceilings with no maintenance. 
  • Sparks caused by switches 
  • Short-circuits 
  • Overloading 
  • Static electricity
DPCs - Data Centres Protection