About us

About us

Since our inception, at SIEX we have always felt committed to protection, seeking the best solutions for the most adverse fire conditions. 

This philosophy of overcoming increasingly greater challenges has helped us grow and develop, always striving to provide the highest level of quality in each of our projects.

Thanks to the tireless work of continuous improvement, we have become one of the fastest growing companies in the industry in recent years. We have made significant strides from being a national benchmark (SPAIN) to building a significant international presence.

Advancing from being a national benchmark to building a significant international presence. 

We can offer the best solution by tailoring our specially developed solutions for each hazard.  Our technical team always advises you on all the options appropriate to each protection, studying the solution that best suits the unique characteristics of each hazard. 

It should be noted that products included in SIEX offers are selected based exclusively on technical and quality criteria. Since SIEX is not tied to any particular methodology of fire protection or brand, we can offer our customers the most effective product, without leaning towards a specific solution. We manufacture and distribute systems that protect via water, water mist, foam, dry chemical powders, smoke & fire control, electronic detection, clean agents, and other gases.

Confidence in our firefighting equipment is due to our philosophy of continuous improvement. Our large investment in R&D and Innovation has resulted in the development of the most advanced technology. This has led us to obtain the largest number of certificates and approvals from international organizations, backing our commitment to quality.