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Comprehensive protection of ships and offshore facilities with fixed extinguishing systemsbased in carbon dioxide is now endorsed by Bureau Veritas certification achieved by SIEX, which adds to the already obtained FM, UL and VdS approvals.
SIEX duplicates its inert gas and CO2 production capacity
SIEX PARTICIPATES IN DUNKERQUE LNG PLANT FIRE PROTECTION The Dunkerque LNG terminal is the largest natural gas plant in France.
SIEX has obtained the Factory Mutual (FM, USA) approval for its inert gas based systems: INERT-SIEX™ 01 (Ar) / INERT-SIEX™ 55 (Ar + N2) / INERT-SIEX™ 100 (N2) / INERT-SIEX™ 541 (Ar + N2 + CO2)
After obtaining UL (Underwriter laboratories) listed for the IG-55 clean agent, the INERT SIEX IG-55 system is renowned as one of the most competitive and effective on the market.